Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nordstrom Rack Deals

I don't shop at Nordstrom rack a lot, even though I have one right down the street from my house because its always so busy and crowded in there. When I am looking for a deal I need time and space, I wish I was kidding. I have been looking for a cute pair of Toms but decided I would look in the Nordstrom rack to see if I could find anything similar. And I did! I found these shoes by Michael Kors for only $59.95! They were originally almost $200. They are really comfortable and a great shoe to have for the spring and summer months! You can wear them with a cute dress or something more casual like I'm wearing in this look. I also found a couple other things there when I went that will blow your mind! If you're in the market for any new clothing items please check out that store, you will not be disappointed. Tomorrow I am doing hair and makeup for a wedding so I will post lots of pictures. I'm thinking about doing a post on what to wear to a spring/summer wedding, including hair and makeup ideas! Leave a comment below if you would like to see a post like that. Thank you for stopping by loves! 
xoxo, tori

My Look:
Shirt: Francescas
Boyfriend Jeans: Forever21
Scarf: Express
Michael Kors Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Purse: Tory Burch
Sunglasses: Michael Kors

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