Saturday, November 29, 2014

How I plan my outfits.

Planning outfits for the week is one of the things I try to do every Sunday. Even if its just what shirt I'm going to wear with what pair of jeans + shoes and then add accessories at a later date. It just makes your week so much easier. Being a stay at home mom part time + being a hairstylist the other days its hard to always know what to wear! Most days I'm waking up and paying attention to Jax + what he's wearing that by the time I look at the clock I have about 20 mins to get ready + out the door, so the outfit planning comes in handy. It seems like a lot of work, but its really not I promise! I will show you a simple way to do it in about 45 mins! So here we go….

Step 1: 
I surf Pinterest to get some ideas. This really helps because if you find something similar you have in your closet it becomes super easy. 

I pick out seven looks {for each day of the week} 

Step 3:
I then go to my closet + recreate them! 
Here are the looks I came up with to recreate tomorrow!

I hope you guys found this post helpful! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Christmas Pictures

I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving, I know I did. Full of family, food + fun, I wouldn't have changed a thing for Jaxon's first thanksgiving. The holidays are just so much more fun with kiddos to enjoy it with. I really am so thankful for all that I have in this life. God has blessed me with so many things since I met my husband + it really makes my heart feel so warm with love. I couldn't be more in awe of the gifts I have received & feeling so undeserving!

These pictures are really special to me because these are our first family pictures we had taken. Lauren Fletcher did an incredible job! if you are in the new england area and need photographs you should reach out to her because she makes the whole experience really easy. I hope you guys love these as much as I do + you will be seeing them on our Christmas card!


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Jaxon's Look:
SWEATER H&M baby // PLAID Baby Gap // JEANS Carters // SOCKS Carters // SHOES Target //

Husbands Look:
PLAID Gap // VEST // WATCH Michael Kors // JEANS True Religion //

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Hey guys! 
So Christmas is probably one of my favorite times of year.. the music, giving presents. the beautiful decorations + the feeling that it brings to me each and every time. I got engaged two christmas's ago so thats another reason why christmas is so special to me. This year is going to be even more special because its Jaxon's first christmas and even thought he's too little to get it just yet I can't wait to make tons of memories. This is just a really good season in my life and I am enjoying every minute of it! 

For Christmas this year my hubby and I decided to only do a couple gifts just because we don't really need anything + every time we both want something we go and buy it so present giving to each other is always so hard. I made a list of some of the things I wanted this year + a lot of it is on sale! Happy shopping<3

Knit Uggs
{I love it in green + black too}

Gucci Perfume

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit #4 -- Meeting the Parents

So for some of you this years thanksgiving might mean that you're meeting your significant others family for the first time. I can remember when I met my husbands family for the first time and boy was that a nerve wrecking experience! My only advice {other than this outfit} is to just be yourself! The person you are with loves you for who you are + obviously is introducing you to their family for a reason so just relax! 

This outfit is inspired by my own personal style so if you want to tweak it a little to fit your personality more than go right ahead, I won't be offended! I started off with something simple like this plaid shirt + a pair of black jeans {always slimming} and then I finished it off with this cozy fur vest! Now I get that fur vests aren't everyones thing + if thats you then just put a blazer over it or a leather jacket. I hope you guys like these posts because I am having fun coming up with outfits for different scenarios! 

Thank you for reading beauties and remember this thanksgiving to


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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit #3 -- Dressed up

This outfit is more for the people who are going out to a nice dinner with their family or friends for Thanksgiving. If you're going to a formal dinner this probably wouldn't be appropriate, you would need a dressier dress. But as for the people who are going out to a dinner that is not too fancy this is perfect. {Even if you head out for the day with your friends}! If its too cold I would suggest throwing on a pair of tights with the dress only because you don't want to be freezing! I hope you guys enjoy this look + thank you for stopping by! 

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit #2 -- Football Game

I know a lot of people go to football games on thanksgiving so I figured I would plan an outfit if that is your plan for the day. The temps are dropping and you want to be warm but still look cute.. This sweater is so warm + the turtleneck under neath is thin but it is very warm at the same time. If you don't have a pair of hunter rain boots, please go get a pair because they are so practical and fun to wear! When I would go to football games in high school is would always rain or be muddy so the boots are perfect, even if it is just cold out they will keep your tootsies warm! I hope you guys have fun and your team wins! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Outfit #1 -- Casual Family Gathering

This week I am going to show you different outfits you can wear to your thanksgiving plans. Whether you are going to a casual family gathering, meeting the parents for the first time or want something to wear to a fancy dinner out with your friends. I know for me it always takes me so long to figure out what to wear on holidays so I hope this helps! 

The first look is for a casual family gathering. 
Wether you are going to families house for dinner or having dinner at your house but you know if going to be really laid back then this outfit will be perfect for you! Thanksgiving is the day you're probably going to eat more food in one sitting than you will all year so you want to be comfortable. Leggings are the perfect way to conceal any bloating without having to unbutton your pants (cmon, you all know you've done it LOL) but you want to still look dressy, right? Pair those leggings with an over sized shirt or dress, a scarf or statement necklace and wah-la! you have the perfect casual + cozy outfit for your holiday! I also included two different shoe options for those of you who don't like to wear heels! 
Thanks for stopping by<3
XOXO// tori

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Holiday Dress

If you haven't been able to tell one of my favorite looks for the fall is a dress with high socks + boots. I just think its so perfect for those crisp fall days when its not too cold and not to hot. I was considering saving this dress for my family Christmas pictures but it was too good not to wear! And the best thing about this dress… It was 40% off at Gap + I'm pretty sure the sale is going on until the end of the day so if you want it go scoop it up! Thanks for stopping by beauties + I hope you have a beautiful Weekend <3

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