Friday, September 26, 2014

Jaxon Gregory Marocco // Birth Story

Sunday, September 14, 2014:

Warning: This is pretty lengthy and won't hurt my feelings if you don't want to read.

At 4:51 AM I woke up out of one of the best sleeps I had gotten in at least a couple months and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom so bad and I couldn't hold it. So I shot up out of bed (as fast as I could at 9 months pregnant) and rushed to the bathroom. The min I sat down a gush of water just came out of me but it wasn't like I went tinkle, oh no this was something much more and it didn't look like pee either (TMI Sorry). So I started freaking out, after all I was only 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I couldn't possibly be going into labor… Could I? No one has their first baby this early, something must be wrong! 

I screamed out for my husband but we had the fan cranked in our room (Broken central AC and a pregnant lady sleeping don't mix) so he didn't hear me and he is a very deep sleeper! I called his name a couple more times mentally having a heart attack at this point because I didn't even have a single contraction or pain. so I grabbed a towel and stuck it between my legs (TMI again sorry there will probably be more to come, just a warning) and ran into our bedroom while franticly flipping on the light. That got my husbands attention and he immediately sat up. He asked me what was wrong and I told him I thought my water had broke so he told me to call my doctor and maybe he would know. So after calling my doctors office and waiting for the on call doctor to call me back I was in a state of panic. It didn't seem real. Once I talked to my doctor he confirmed, yes my water had most likely broken but to remain calm and that if I wasn't having contractions to go lay down and rest until about 9 or 10 am and then head to the ER. 

Obviously this guy had no idea who he was talking to because how was I supposed to rest for 5 hours while my baby was ready to come out. So true to myself I told my husband to try and get some rest and that I needed to prep. Luckily I had my bag mostly packed because I had a scheduled c-section in 3 weeks. So I jumped in the shower, washed and blow dryed my hair and put makeup on. I think I thought if I looked good then maybe I would be more prepared, I have no idea. I had always said that if my baby wanted to come naturally that I would give birth vaginally and not get the c-section.  Clearly God knew that I was strong enough to birth my baby and that he would be with me every step of the way. 

And I am SO happy I got to have that experience. I will never forget when they told me it was time to push at about 6:30 pm. I wasn't prepared for what was to come over the next 2 and 1/2 hours of pushing but I think as a mom you just put everything aside and do what you have to do for your baby. (By that point I was on epidural island so I couldn't feel a thing) But there is this surreal moment at the end just when he was about to come out and they said "One more push and he's here" and I pushed and he came out my whole life changed and I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. 

People tell you when you look down and see your baby for the first time that you share a connection and you love this baby like nothing else you could ever imagine, but I guess you just have to experience it for yourself to really grasp it. We share a bond that we created over 35 weeks and continued to create the minute they put him in my arms. It is amazing and if you don't believe in God, when you see your baby for the first time any doubt you ever has goes away. 

When he first came out he needed to get some oxygen so I wasn't able to hold him right away. They took him into a little room and cleaned him up and made sure he was ok. I made my husband go with him because to me it didn't matter how I was feeling I just didn't want my little baby to be alone without one of us there. 

Jaxon Gregory Marocco was born at 8:42 pm weighing in at 7 lbs and 4 oz and 19.8 inches long. He is such a happy baby and only cries when he is hungry. He sleeps like a dream and always wants to snuggle. I am so in love with this little man and I can't even imagine my life before him. I have dramatically changed my way of thinking since I have had him and it just makes me realize that family is the most important thing. My husband is amazing and I seriously could NOT have done the labor and these past two weeks/my entire pregnancy without him! He is my rock and God did a perfect job when he picked my husband/Jax's father for me. 

After Jaxon was born he had low blood sugar. Usually they don't want a babies blood sugar to go below 40 and his was a 36. They tried to get him to eat a bottle because they say that that helps the blood sugar to go up but he wasn't into it, he just wanted to sleep. So they told me that they had to take him down to the NICU especially since he was born early and considered a premie. I was devastated but knew that it was what was best for Jax. They took him down there and he ended up staying in the nicu for about 6 days. It was so painful and broke my heart to not be able to take my baby home once I was discharged from the hospital. He had jaundice and so they had to keep him under the lights for about two days. I think that it was the hardest thing I ever had to do and if I talk about it now I still cry. No one expects to go to the hospital and have a baby and leave without him. Its physically draining. But Mark and I spent everyday at the nicu and did everything for Jax. We feed him and changed him and took care of him. All the nurses loved us because we did everything for ourselves and were so thrilled to learn and take care of our baby. We didn't leave each day until about 1230 am and went home to get a couple hours sleep and were right back at the hospital first thing in the morning. I couldn't bare the thought of leaving him but I know for those couple hours we weren't there the nurses were loving on him too. Thank God! 

Thank you to everyone who wished us well, prayed and sent all the emails/texts/phone calls and presents/cards. Mark and I feel so completely honored and blessed to have been chosen to be Jaxon's mom and dad. I probably won't be posting as much but I will try my best<3


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Maternity Pictures

One of my really good and talented friends took these maternity pictures for us and I am in love. Its so nice when you are comfortable with the person taking your pictures because then you are able to be yourself and have more fun. 

As you guys have probably guessed if you follow me on instagram, I had our little babe on Sunday September 14, 2014 at 8:42 at night. Our beautiful angel was 7 lbs 4oz and 20 inches long. He is breathtaking and I am so smitten with him. I will post my full birth story soon, so stay tuned! 

Xoxo, Tori
Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Lazy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! As of lately I have been having an obsession with passion tea from starbucks and I can't seem to put it down. I get mine half green tea and half passion tea because its just the bomb dot com! Call it a pregnancy craving or whatever but its so refreshing and as the summer is ending I'm taking advantage of drinking these almost daily :) 
Now on to the outfit, this is a super comfy/casual look for a day when I just don't fit into anything (which happens a lot lately!) These pants are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever owned and they aren't even maternity!! Just because you are having a lazy day and want to be comfortable doesn't mean you can't look cute while doing it. And don't be afraid to mix patterns because some things you don't think go together, like stripes and leopard print, actually look super cute paired! I hope you guys are enjoying the last couple weeks of summer! 
Xoxo, Tori

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Nursery //

I am so overjoyed to share with you guys the babes nursery. My husband and I worked really hard on it and put it together over the past couple of months. I wanted something different and I wanted to use fun colors that you don't usually use/see together. I love how it turned out and I hope you guys do to! I had a great Labor day, just relaxing a lot and doing some last minute things for our baby boy to get here. I can't believe in 5 weeks I will get to hold my little Jax in my arms, the anticipation is surreal and I am beyond excited. Lately I've been having more energy and sleeping well so I've been taking advantage of that and nesting a lot! Have an amazing Tuesday loves.

Xoxo, Tori

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