Monday, June 2, 2014

20 weeks!

I can't believe I am half way through my pregnancy! I feel like I spent the first 20 weeks just making sure I was doing everything by the books and now I've finally been able to relax a little bit. Its crazy to see your body go through so many changes, My stomach still isn't really that hard yet so I feel like people who don't know me just think I've got a chubby mid section! (LOL) I can't wait to have a big belly! I know, I'm going to be wishing I never said that come month 9! You guys have probably noticed I've been a little lax with my outfit posts and thats just because sometimes I either forgot to take pics of what I'm wearing or I'm just plain too lazy but I'm getting better! I already have two new outfit posts coming your way this week. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, mine was beautiful and I spent a lot of quality time with my hubby because in a short few months our little babe will be here! Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo, Tori

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