Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Happy Wednesday loves! 
I hope you are all enjoying the changing of the weather, I know I am! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had such positive feedback on Jaxon's party! I can't wait to plan many more in the future. Also, I just wanted to quickly let you know that Jax is doing SOO well right now. I am still consuming myself with thinking positive about his disease while still being very honest with myself about how I am feeling. Its really tough some days but with the help of God's word, prayer and my amazing friends and family I am able to push past the sadness and cling to hope & a future with my son. I love that people see him and it brightens up their day because thats what he is to me, a beam of light letting me know everything will me ok! Prayers for him are always welcomed! thank you! 

I wanted to share with you a little snippet from a fellow mommy blogger that is dealing with the loss of her beautiful daughter due to a genetic disease. Her writing is beautiful and I want to share this because it really struck home with me & maybe it will paint a better picture of what I go through day to day, along with many other moms as well. 

"Parents of medically fragile children are not superheroes. They are cut from the same cloth as everyone else. They don't get tough over time. They just get good at holding their breath and faking it.

It doesn't get easier. In fact, if your child is fragile and there is no cure or treatment, it gets harder. Much harder. Some call it living on borrowed time. Its a type of parenthood thats often filled with fear and trembling, anxiety and medication, grief and naked honesty. 

No one really knows how to function when their loved one is living with a terminal disease. 

Hope and heartache go hand in hand. Depression and sheer happiness mingle. Sadness and sorrow can roll right into your day, just like peace and acceptance." 
-Michaela Evanow 

xoxo, tori.  

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