Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Dear Mark, 

When you first asked me to be your wife all I saw was a lifetime full of cute babies, home cooked meals, decorating and adventure. I was so naive to everything. I was so head over heels in love for you and I couldn't imagine loving you anymore. Then we got married and our wedding day was full of so much pure joy I knew nothing could top this! But then we had Jax + I fell in love with you all over again. The way you treasured me and made me feel so loved after I gave birth was nothing short of amazing. You love me so well, no one can do what you do for my heart and my soul. I can never find the words to tell you how much I appreciate you. You are generous, loving, kind and compassionate. You put me above all else and die to your self every day so you can better serve me as my husband, my friend and my partner in this crazy thing called life. There is nothing I can't tell you and nothing I don't want to share with you. We know full well that there was so much that was meant to tear us apart but we only came out on top of it all, learning more about each other and about ourselves. But its not always easy. Thank you for putting up with my weird, crazy and sometimes annoying ways. Thank you for encouraging me to become a better version of myself everyday. Thank you for stopping to kiss me randomly throughout our days. You keep me grounded and remembering what is important. I love you more than the day you asked me to spend forever with you. I love you more than I did the day I married you almost two years ago. I love you more than the day I saw you become a dad. I love you more than the day we found out our sons life would be cut far too short. God picked you, hand placed you into my life at the exact moment He did because He knew I needed you as my husband. You reassure me when I am not sure of myself and you wipe every tear that falls from my eyes. You have helped me more than you know and I know we can get through anything because you are my person. Someone told me once that marriage is falling in love multiple times but with the same person and that couldn't be more accurate. Thank you for being you. The handsome, amazing and loving man you are. Thank you for not caring that the laundry is rarely done, the house is not clean always & that we eat pizza or takeout more than I'd like to admit. Being your wife is not the glamorous "house wife" role I dreamed of, it is SO much more than that. Because its real, its messy and its broken AND because its with you, its better than any dream I ever had. I love you forever + always.

xoxo, your wifey. 

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