Friday, November 6, 2015


Shirt: ShopStevieHenderson // Vest: Nordstrom // Booties: Target // Jeans: Old Navy // 

Hey sweet friends! 
I hope you all had an amazing week and are excited for the weekend! I am seriously so excited because I have some fun stuff planned. I am also going to start decorating for Christmas hopefully. I'm not rushing thanksgiving cause I love that holiday too but I always get so sad because Christmas decor only lasts for like a month and so I decided I wanted to make the cheer last a little longer. The holidays are always so busy for my family + Mark and I's anniversary is 3 days after Christmas sooo its hectic to say the least. Also, Jax LOVED the lights and decorations last year so anything to make my little babe happy :)

This outfit is one of my favorite #momstyle outfits because its so easy and comfortable. Nothing to tight and easy to carry your little peanut around or chase after them, whatever stage you're in its a perfect look. Being a mom is the best job ever but it IS a job. A job you don't get paid for in anything other than love and kisses but seriously that makes me the wealthiest mom around. How my son looks at me makes me know everything I do is all worth it. Its crazy how such a little human gives me such big validation! 

ps. I am going to try to do some DIY Christmas stuff so I will update you all with how that works out, haha. 

xoxo, tori. 

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