Monday, December 7, 2015


Happy Monday loves!

This ombre flannel is seriously one of my favorites. Its perfect for fall and also great for the winter as well. I have been gravitating towards beanies more for when my hair is dirty and I'm loving it. They are so cute and easy! I'm looking forward to sharing more outfits with you this winter.

Its so funny because I have all these plans for the blog and then BAM! life hits me and those plans and blog posts get delayed and pushed to the back burner. Not because I don't LOVE this blog but just because being a mom and a wife is my first priority. Ive been cleaning up my heart a lot these past few months. Just like a good spring cleaning of your house sometimes your heart and mind need a cleaning up too. I get in these funks occasionally of letting the devil destroy my spirit and I listen to the lies he whispers [you're not good enough, pretty enough, kind enough, smart enough etc.]. I know I shouldn't but sometimes I do. Sometimes I let the things he spews settle in my heart and mind and it creates some dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned out. I doubt I'm the only one this happens to. BUT its crucial we remove Satan's deception from our lives. How I like to "clean up" isn't by using a  vacuum or broom but by using the best cleaning tool of all, Gods word.

xoxo, tori.

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