Tuesday, March 15, 2016

18 months of miracles.

18 months of loving on this sweet boy.
18 months of kissing every inch of him.
18 months of heart expanding love.
18 months of joy.
18 months of hope.
18 months of intense emotions.
18 months of trying to get this mom thing.
18 months of faith.
18 months of miracles upon miracles.

Our miracle might look a little different than I would like. My husband and I pray for a very specific miracle day in and day out. For Jaxon to be completely healed of his disease and for him to live a long and happy life. But I can't deny that just because the miracle we want hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't and also doesn't mean that other things aren't miracles. His life is a miracle, his smile and everything this he is, IS a miracle. He is 18 months as of the 14th and when Jax was diagnosed with Niemann Pick disease they told us that he most likely wouldn't live to be 18 months. BUT here he is. That is a miracle I am not going to down play just because there is something else I'm hoping for. I will always choose to be joyful in hope (romans 12:12). I refuse to let my grief over take my joy. I will always make sure I am living for today and showing my son that joy & hope go hand and hand.

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by.

xoxo, tori.

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