Saturday, December 3, 2016


Hi friends! 

I am a really good secret keeper but I think along with knowing the gender the most exciting part for me is picking out your baby's name. Boy names were so easy for us (maybe because we already had a boy) but girl names were an entirely different story. We wanted something different and unique. Something that fit this little angel girl and felt right. So her name will be Landree Olivia Marocco. 

The story behind her name is so funny actually, I always loved the name Landry (I'm a HUGE Friday Night Lights fan) but I always just associated it with a boy because that show was the only time I had heard that name. Then, one night my husband and I were watching tv, one show ended on the channel I was watching and this show called Toddlers and Tiaras came on. So of course those type of shows are a total guilty pleasure and we some how started watching. The cutest little girl was on the show, she was super sassy and with her hands on her hips she looked at the camera and said, 
"Hi my name is Landree!" 

As soon as my husband and I heard her name we both said "thats such a cute name for a girl!". And that was it. We knew it was the right name for our baby girl. Its so silly but now I watch that show all the time, its just so addicting haha but don't worry, our Landree will NOT be doing child pageants!

My husband and I are nick name people and love to shorten everyones name. We originally wanted to try to incorporate something to do with Jax into her name but we couldn't really find anything that felt right for us. We also know this baby is not only a gift from God but most certainly a gift from our Jax so we know she will be filled with him in so many ways because of that. In the ultrasound we had over the weekend she was sucking on her bottom lip which is something Jax always did, so we already know she will continually show us signs from her big brother.  We will probably call her Lo for short because of her initials. 

We can't wait to meet this little babe and I'm sure I'm going to be an emotional wreck that day! Who are we kidding? I'm an emotional wreck most days! haha! We started to buy stuff for her nursery which is so exciting but also makes me so anxious with everything we have been through. But we are choosing to trust in God and know that one day we will be holding her and cuddling her (in 5 months eeeeek!). Thank you guys so much for following along with us and for loving my two little angels like you do. We love you guys! 
xoxo, t. 


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