Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sleeping Through The Night.

So one of the questions I get asked a lot on social media is how we got Landree to sleep through the night. People who we tell she sleeps from like 10pm - 5/6 am are like shocked! but really she has pretty much been doing this since 6 weeks old. I figured I could share what works for us in hopes it could maybe help even one mom and dad or parent get a solid night of uninterrupted sleep.

Landree sleeps in a bassinet inside a dockatot next to our bed. I will link them both for you at the bottom of this post in case you are interested in purchasing them. They are both a little expensive be forewarned but I swear it works wonders with our little munchkin. 

So first thing first I feel is super important is making sure your baby eats enough during the day. I know its kind of hard if they are chowing down every two hours but if they are hungry let them eat. I usually feed Landree during the day every two-three hours and sometimes she goes four. Also, make sure you are burping them really good and holding them upright for about 10-20 mins after each feed. Nothing is worse then when they are all cozy and then they wake up because they spit up! 

Next, we try to keep Lo on the same routine every night. Usually around 9pm we give her a bath to help her relax (I swear by the lavender johnsons & johnsons baby wash + shampoo)  then we dress her in pajamas and feed her. We take our time with the night time feeding making sure she eats until she is full, this is key! usually she eats anywhere between 21-30 oz a day (24 hr span) so we try and feed her about 5-6 oz right before bed. If your baby is a sleepy eater (Lo used to be) then I would suggest maybe feeding first and then giving your baby a bath to wake them a little and then try to feed them a little more. Again, burp burp burp! 

Swaddling is going to be your best friend. Your baby might hate it but I swear it changes everything. When they are swaddled they are less likely to wake frequently throughout the night because they have a warm, comfy and secure space to sleep (just like when they were inside your womb). I know a lot of babies hate being swaddled because Landree hated it at first but once she would sleep through the night she liked it more and more every night and now she needs to be swaddled to get a good nap or sleep. 

Lastly, usually Landree will fall asleep for 10/10:30 and then occasionally she will wake up at 3:30/4, If she wakes up at this time we do NOT feed her. We give her a pacifier and either rock her back to sleep or usually once the pacifier is in she drifts back to sleep. This is definitely taboo but usually they don't wake because they are hungry they usually wake because something startled them or what not but if your baby doesn't fall back asleep within the hour then I would suggest feeding them. Although, the first couple times we did this it took Landree a little bit to fall asleep but now she knows if she wakes up earlier then her 6/7 hour span she isn't hungry. You have to "sleep train" them basically. Once she wakes up she usually chugs down like 4-5 oz and then falls back asleep until like 8/9 am! 

I hope this helps you guys and I am not a baby expert this is just what works for us and makes for a happier baby all day! Our little Lo does have acid reflux so she was so fussy during the day and i think half of it was due to that but it was also because she wasn't getting good sleep at night. Once we started doing this it has made a world of a difference with her during the day. She feeds better and naps better and also plays better.

Also feel free to adjust these times based on what works best for your schedule and your family.

Let me know if you have an questions!

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