Friday, July 18, 2014

My Go To Nail Polishes For the Summer!

I was always the girl that had acrylic nails or gel nails, from the time I was in high school until pretty recently. I just never had nice nail beds, mine are really short and I used to bite my nails a lot so I figured if I had acrylics they would make my nails grow out and make me stop my very bad habit and it worked. Since I got pregnant though I didn't want to be breathing in the fumes from them doing the acrylics so I let them grow out and I started to go the gel polish. I really liked it because I'm a hair stylist and I'm constantly washing peoples hair so my nails don't chip. Then within the last couple of months I decided that I wanted to start painting my own nails and I went polish crazy! Here are a few of my favorite polishes for this season and ones that I'm always wearing. Thanks for reading loves!
xoxo, Tori

Life Gave me Lemons Opi

Alpine Snow Opi

Flip Flop Fantasy

Muchi Muchi
Play Date
Bikini So Teeny
Mint Candy Apple

I'm Addicted

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