Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quick Update

Hey Guys!

So sorry I have been MIA lately. Last week was such a bad week for me, when I wasn't crazy busy with doctor appts and clients I was having a really bad migraine and was down for the count from Thursday to Sunday. Then this week I still wasn't feeling my best and Tuesday I woke up not feeling great at all with dizziness and blurry vision so I ended up going to the ER and was admitted over night for observation. My migraines have been really bad in my third trimester and I was having a lot of weird symptoms so just to be safe my doctor wanted me to stay overnight to monitor the baby and I and run a couple tests on me. Our little guy is perfectly healthy and nothing is wrong with him thank god! It's so crazy that I already love this little baby so much and I haven't even had a chance to meet him yet! I promise I will be back to posting normally this upcoming week.

Also we have an official date scheduled for our C-section.. October 9th, which is also my 23rd birthday! So funny that we will have the same birthday but there is no one else I would rather share that day with (besides my hub).

Thank you for stopping by!
xoxo, Tori

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