Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Wishlist

I seem to be browsing a lot of clothes lately and they all are mostly fall things. I think I'm just so excited for fall because so many exciting things will be happening for my family and I this fall. I love everything to do with leaves and pumpkin flavored everything! My birthday is in October and I will also be giving birth to my baby boy and my sister will be giving birth to my second niece! My husbands birthday is in November & who can forget Thanksgiving? It is one of my favorite holidays! This is going to be the best fall yet and I cannot wait to start all the festivities and the clothing! Wearing non maternity clothes again is going to be the best feeling! Hope you guys enjoy my picks and don't think its too soon for these ;) 
And ps. Sorry for my pajama overload in this post, I've been loving them lately!

xoxo, Tori



PAJAMAS Forever21

VEST Topshop

OUTFIT via Nordstrom

BOOTS Steve Madden


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