Wednesday, March 25, 2015

| A Little Fringe |

Hello Beauties!
Happy Wednesday, I hope you all are enjoying this week! Who else wishes it was Friday?! Haha.  On to my outfit. This is one of those easy breezy outfits that I seriously love. I know the head band isn't for everyone so you don't have to wear it but I just like adding a little something extra. Festival season is among us so I'm embracing it :) These booties have become one of my favs and they are from Target! Nothing better than something cute and cheap! Am I right?! AND these jeans were $40 from necessary clothing, check out the website everything is reasonably priced and I seriously  wear these jeans probably 4 times a week! 

PS. Lip color I am wearing is the one Britt from the bachelor wears, its Cherry Picking by wet n wild. It doesn't look the same on me just cause she has bigger lips then me + a different skin tone so I mix it with wet n wild pinkerbell or I will wear india intrigue by revlon. 

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