Monday, March 16, 2015

|| Workout -- Spring Addition ||

So its officially starting to be spring. The birds are chirping and the snow is melting, woohoo! I am so done with winter and everything it brought us. I feel like winter was just a depressing season and I am SO happy it is coming to an end.

Onto the outfit. I have been working out pretty regularly lately and something that keeps me motivated to go to the gym is cute workout clothes (shallow I know) but I can't help it. These workout leggings from Victoria Secret scream spring to me so I just had to have them! Not to mention they are super comfortable and not restricting at all!

What I'm Wearing:
Pants: Victoria Secret // Sweatshirt: Pink // Tank: Pink // Sportsbra: Nike // Sneakers: Nike // Water Bottle: Target // Nails: Essie Tarte Deco // Necklace: "j" Tiffany & Co.

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