Friday, May 8, 2015


hey loves! you all know i love to share my favorite things with you + this month is no exception.  i have found a few things that are so awesome + i know you will want to run out and get! i hope you all have a happy mothers day + get your mommies something great or if you're a mom that you get everything you wish for. 

i also have a coupon code for you lovely ladies for the rocksbox subscription. it is a monthly jewelry subscription that is going to rock your world, seriously. you get three pieces of jewelry for $19 every month. the best part is, you can send the pieces back whenever you want or keep them for however long you want to. and with my coupon code you can get your first month FREE! go to + use code "exploraTORIfashionxoxo" at check out and make all your jewelry dreams come true. you will be able to customize your pieces or have a stylist pick them for you! :) [if you have any questions please feel free to email me, but check out there website because they have ALL the info right there.] i know you will love it as much as i do! 
xoxo -- tori.

the candle is the volcano candle from anthropologie that smells like the most delicious thing you will ever inhale through your noise, i promise you!
I've been going hat crazy this spring and this fedora is from anthropolgie as well and is amazing.
i love a good devotional and this "savor" devo is one every women needs to own. its quick and direct and so full of awesomeness! you need it!

for jax i am obsessed with one piece anything for him, like if one piece tank tops on babies are not the cutest things i just don't know what is. and his diapers are the ones we get delivered to our house from honest company, like why i didn't do this from the beginning i don't know. people think it is so much more expensive but my hubby and i did the math [ok, so it was just my hubby, I'm not very good at math] and you get two less diapers than buying pampers and you save time and energy + you get wipes included. so really you save and they are hella cute!
my phone case was $5 on amazon, nothing more rad than that.

these are the pieces i got in this months rocksbox and i probably wore them on rotation [or all together] longer than the month. they go with everything and i can't wait to see whats in my next box!! 

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