Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey friends! 
first let me start off by saying NO this post is no sponsered by honest co. although I wish it were because their products are amazing. I'm a little on the crunchy granola side when it comes to the products that come in direct contact with my skin [face wash, sunscreen etc.]. When it started to  become warmer out and I was taking Jax outside more I realized that there wasn't a lot of good brands for sunscreen + bug spray so I did my research and fell in love with honest co's products[they smell delicious btw]. I can use all of the things they sell [minus the diaper stuff] along with jax. it makes life so much easier. I recently discovered that they made make up remover wipes and was instantly hooked! 
The two products in here that are not honest co are amazing as well. the first is a face cleanser that I love by first aid beauty, my friend told me about the line and I tried it + saw results immediately. My skin looked and felt smoother! This moisturizer is for your face and its incredible! its light weight and perfect for any skin type. I've been using it for about two years now and I can never see myself switching. it has energizing boosters in it to wake up your skin + make you look + feel refreshed, which this mama can use both those things on a daily basis! I hope you guys pick up some of these products because they are truly worth every penny. 
have a great weekend! xoxo, tori.

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