Monday, August 3, 2015


Can I be really honest with you guys? The truth is, I haven't really been getting good feelings from my blog. I used to post and feel good about what I was putting out there. It was my happy place and somewhere I could compile all my thoughts, feelings and outfits. But then I started to see that it wasn't making me happy anymore. I was posting for the sake of posting and stressing if I couldn't post that week. I really want my blog to reflect me and it wasn't, like at all.

I don't want to be considered a "fashion blogger" anymore [not that its a bad thing at all!]. I just feel like I don't want people to assume all I do is shop or only care about the superficial because that is SO far from the truth. I want young girls to look up to me and for women of all ages to see me as a friend they can turn to. I'm not perfect. I like clothes WAY to much and its something I'm trying to work on [can i get an amen sister!]. I need to be more practical about my shopping and the items I put into my closet because the truth is people don't have loads of money to be shopping every week. They need a place that they can go to to find a cute and new way to wear things they already have in their closets. They also need a place to feel like its ok to not fit the mold. The perfect housewife and the always happy mother. those things aren't realistic to me.

We all struggle. All our struggles are entirely different and some are very similar. This journey in motherhood has taught me SO much and one of the things that has stuck out to me is DONT SETTLE. whether that be in friendships, your marriage or your relationship with God or maybe even your blog. whatever it is, don't settle. Don't assume just because you're stuck in this thing now that you can't make it a new and better day tomorrow! And thats what I hope to do with my blog now, making it new and better.

I want to encourage women, real women, women who barely have time to put makeup on or live in their sweat pants with a top knot on their head. Those women are who are on my heart most because I get it. I get that you see all these perfect blogs and instagrams and they are so pintrest worthy you cringe and wonder where you have gone wrong. But the thing I want you to know is I'm here to share with you not only my messy mom moments but also other moms who share the raw and gritty parts of their lives beautifully. I have always said this but I believe that there is nothing more beautiful then the broken parts we share. I want to continue to share with you all about Jax and God and also fashion sometimes. But I want to be intentional about the content I am putting out there. I'm not the kind of person who will stage a scene for an IG picture or edit out my pimples in fashion posts because thats just not me. I want to being doing what means most to me and I want this to become my happy place again. I want it to feel like Home.

I guess thats why I chose this shirt to be the picture featured on this post because not only is it totally mom approved but it also has a purpose; whenever you purchase this "HOME" t-shirt of your state [they have all 50 states] a portion of the profits go to multiple sclerosis research, how awesome is that? And helping people makes our hearts so full + happy! I truly love where I live and I feel at home here in Rhode Island more than I ever thought I would when I moved here 4 years ago. I'm officially a Rhode Islander, bad driving + all [to be honest I was a bad driver before I moved here too;] My blog started here in Rhode Island so I only thought it would be appropriate to use this shirt to help bring me home, to remind me why I started this blog in the first place. I hope you all go and purchase one because I swear you can wear it with everything, even a pair of sweat pants and a top knot which is how i've been rocking it :)


Thank you for all stopping by and reading!
xoxo, Tori.

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