Monday, March 4, 2019

Hello friends, its been a while.

Hi, its me Tori. 
So sorry its been so long since I've blogged. I promise I still have the passion in my bones but life just got really busy. When Landree was about 7 months we found out I was pregnant again and oh boy, was I sick as a dog but a healthy baby girl we named Collyns Cecelia was worth it all. 

She was born August 21, 2018 at 11:25 pm weighing 8lbs 7oz. We are so in love with her, she adds the perfect amount of love to our family. We named her Collyns after the girl from the blind side and her middle name is Cecelia after Marks grandmother who everyone lovingly referred to as "peachy". 

So currently my life looks a lot like chasing a 22 month old toddler around, with a 6 month old on my hip. Running my Instagram page (which i'm trying to be a lot more intentional about this year), reading my bible more and recently I started an online devotional group with you lovely ladies. Life is full and filled with all the best things. I'm still in the thick of grief and having two girls 15 months apart doesn't leave much margin for grieving but I'm trying my best to be intentional about carving out time for my mental health.

I've missed writing so much because it is seriously like therapy for me. Typing out my emotions and knowing it resonates with so many of you just fills my heart with so much joy and so I am going to TRY so hard to get back at it. Trying to do 1-2 blog posts for you guys a week. Sharing outfits, home stuff, mom stuff and all the in between. I hope you'll be apart of this awesome community of positive and encouraging woman who uplift each other. I can't wait to connect more with all of you, so follow me on instagram and subscribe with your email to get the latest posts sent straight to your inbox. Hope you all are doing well, can't believe its been a whole year since I've been on my blog. Hoping to give it a little makeover and spruce it up a bit! 

xoxo, t. 

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