Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lately on Instagram

 When I post my #ootd on instagram some times its not on my blog, so I wanted to make this post about where I purchased some of the items I wear on my instagram pictures. 

Just an FYI… I'm a normal person, I don't "dress up" everyday, unless I'm going to work. I work Tuesdays-Saturdays so on Sundays the only reason I dress up is because of church and right when I get home I'm in bed with pajamas and a cup of tea! If you see me on a Monday I'm most likely in leggings and an oversized shirt with sneakers. I'm running errands on my days off so my outfits usually reflect that.  Something I challenged myself to do was to never wear leggings, sweatpants or yoga pants out of my house unless I was going to the gym or for a walk of some sort. And guess what? It really helped! Try it, it will change how you dress your self on a daily basis and make you more aware of what you are wearing. Some people say to me, "I'm a stay at home mom, whats the point of getting dressed in a cute outfit if I'm just going to get it dirty or stained?" Well let me tell you that point… Every women can be fashionable, It doesn't matter your size, shape, color or occupation. You just have to find the right colors that flatter you and the right clothes for your body shape/career choice! If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. I will always answer them and give you my best advice! Hope you have a beautiful day loves!
xoxo, tori


(Pants) (Boots)

(Jacket) (Kimono)

(Black Shirt) (Jean Shirt) (Booties) (Phone Case)

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