Monday, March 31, 2014

Million Dollar Tan Review

Hey friends! If you follow me on instagram you know my new obsession… Million Dollar Tan. It is a Sunless tanner that is absolutely amazing. I have always been a fan of the tanning bed but I know its not good for you and totally bad for your skin. I started noticing my skin was getting wrinkles after each tan. So I sought after something that would make me tan and not orange. I started spray tanning at this amazing place but I have a pretty busy schedule and making appointments was getting tricky. My cousins wedding is in a couple weeks so I decided to take to Youtube to find the best sunless tanner out there. I watched what seemed like 100 videos and the common one that a lot of bloggers/youtubers were using was Million Dollar Tan.  I placed my order and eagerly awaited its arrival.

First let me say, I think I ordered it on a Monday and it came to be by Friday! That made me excited because I hate waiting a long time for things. (Haha, what can I say I'm not patient) Secondly, I ordered the cabana tan extreme because I do have a pretty medium skin completion and I like a dark tan. But if you don't like being too dark or have a lighter skin tone there are other options which is awesome. another thing that I really liked is whatever tanner you pick you can customize it.. If you use a thin coat you will have a bronzy look but then you can use the product in a thicker layer to make your tan more dark. 

I started off by doing my legs so I could see if I liked the color that it came out to, you don't have to do this but I just like to see for myself if I like the product or not. I put it on my legs at about 10 AM and let it settle for 6 hours. I then washed it off in the shower and loved it but noticed I could apply a thicker layer next time so it would be darker. I then applied to the rest of my body and waited another 6 hours to wash it off. Its all up to you and what you like. I really think that its worth the money and that you will fall in love much like I did! 
(I ordered the body and face lotion combo pack, shown here.)

Let me know if you guys try it and what you think! 
xoxo, tori

PS. Make sure to wash your hands really well after applying with warm water and soap so you don't get tan hands. :)

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