Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lime Green Love

My Look:
Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // Scarf // Necklaces // Purse // Bracelets //

I am in love with this sweater! Not only is it super comfortable but the color is one of my favorites for spring. I needed a little brightness in my life because where I live we have been getting like zero sun, so while I was wearing this sweater and scarf combo it brightened things up a bit. Its also really flowy and not tight fitting so its very flattering for anyones figure. Also, these shoes are so amazing! They aren't the most comfortable if you aren't used to wearing a heel because the arch on this shoe is so high, but beauty is pain right? 

 I want to just touch upon something really quickly that has been on my mind a lot in the last couple of weeks and that is about us women being a little nicer to each other. I know this blog is about beauty but what is more beautiful then a kind women? I know not everyone is going to be your best friend but I think as women we need to lift each other up more instead of putting each other down. I try my best but I am far from perfect on this matter. I heard a quote the other day that really hit home with me, "Girls compete with each other, but Women empower one another." I think this is so important and true. As women we should always try to compliment each other because think about it, half of your insecurities probably come from something negative someone else noticed about you, right? I know that mine do, but I've made a choice to just be happy with who I am and always try to be better than the person I was yesterday, not who someone else is. Comparing yourself to someone else only makes you feel jealous and insecure. Love yourself, because everyone is beautiful and made in God's imagine.. which means you're exactly who you're supposed to be! I hope that you all make the choice to empower each other instead of compete with each other. Try this, next time you're out some where go up to a random women and compliment them on something they are wearing, the color of their lipstick or maybe just their hair. Watch how that women, who doesn't even know you, lights up. It will probably make her day!  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing day beauties!
xoxo, tori

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