Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Equals Plaid

I just like to start off by saying that having a post baby body sucks! haha, No but really! Nothing fits you. I have two pairs of jeans that fit and I've been wearing them like every day. I can't wait until I can fit into all my old clothes and not feel like I still look pregnant. I'm not going to rush myself though because it takes everyone different time to get their bodies back. 

Now onto the outfit.. I have been loving plaid for fall. I feel like I always find a trend for each season and gravitate towards it, this season its plaid and flannel. Its so easy and comfortable and us moms need easy! It has been summer weather where I live this week and its throwing me off a little bit. I am practically walking around in shorts and a tshirt most of the time. I hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful season, I know I am! 

My Look:
TOP Gap Maternity // BOTTOMS Pac Sun Old, Similar here // PLAID Old Navy // SHOES Target Old, Similar here // BAG AEO Old, similar here // NECKLACES Forever 21 & Tiffany and CO // BRACELETS Francescas // WATCH Michael Kors // 

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