Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Weather

This outfit is pretty standard fall attire for me. A cozy flannel, leggings and ugg boots. I'm not one of those freaks who can fit into her skinny jeans three weeks after having a baby so leggings have been all I have been wearing lately. After you have a baby you don't really feel like wearing anything too tight so I think this is going to be my uniform for the next couple weeks until I can start working out again. I have been loving the fall weather and I can't wait to start taking my little bug for walks this week. We took our first one last week and he seemed to love it! 
Hope you guys had a great weekend, xoxo.

My Look:
VEST Jcrew // SHIRT Old Navy (I got every color, love how they fit!) // BOTTOMS Victoria Secret Leggings // TANK Destination Maternity // BOOTS Ugg Australia // NECKLACE Tiffany and Co. //

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