Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Christmas means to me.

"As we head into this busy holiday season and dance between the days of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years - as we decorate the doors and the hearths of ours homes and communities, lets be intentional to decorate the doors and the hearths of our hearts with ribbons of Gods grace. 
Lets live with eyes lifted to the Gifts of gifts, Jesus Christ.
When we face the stresses of our lists and our tasks, and our activities, and our heart burdens, lets commit to remembering that the best present is His presence. He's our Hope, our Peace, our Joy… our Beautiful.
Don't miss the beautiful."

I think for me I've always loved the holidays because it meant I got to see my family + get presents yadayada, but now Christmas means so much more. I think somewhere in the hustle and bustle I forgot what Christmas was really about. This year I took the time to actually study my bible and to put the Christ back in CHRISTmas.  

{If you ladies need a great devotional to do alone or in a group look into the She Reads Truth app + devos. Me + my two sisters  purchased the "O Come Let Us Adore Him" Devotional + it has opened my eyes to the scripture I had always heard but never understood. It was made getting to know my Bible + my creator easier!}

When I first started my blog I just figured I would make it all about fashion + beauty, but as my life is changing everyday I've realized that this season in my life shouldn't be all about whats on the outside but more about whats on the inside{I need HELP in this department}. 

After having my son I started to think how I would want him to grow up, what I want him to be like not only as a child but more as a man of God. I want him to look at me + say, "My mom is a Proverbs 31 woman and I want to marry someone who has her heart for the Lord."

 I was raised Christian, went to church every Sunday, attended youth group and bible camps but I never truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit until I was older. My husband was raised completely opposite of me + didn't find Christ on a personal level until he was an adult.

I know I want my son to look at the Holidays as a fun time + enjoy the company of his family & friends, but I also want him to know what Christmas means. I want to raise him to know the story about the baby in the manger, but I also want him to look at Christmas more as the birth of Christ rather than a day he gets tons of presents. Hopefully one day my children will know that the best present is God's presence. 

This Christmas season I am trying to be more intentional of how I come across + the things I say. I always would get so jealous of these amazing Christian women because they seemed to have it all together but I know no one does. We all mess up, we all drop a nasty word every now and then + we all yell + have our "ugly" days {which truly I don't believe any woman is ugly, everyone has something radiant about them!} 

I want to show God's grace this holiday season.
Thats my main intention for this season + every Christmas to come... lifting my eyes to the best gift  of all, Jesus Christ. 

XOXO // Tori

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