Thursday, December 11, 2014

What colors should you wear this Holiday Season?

Hey Beauties!
So as I was getting ready the other morning I was thinking to myself, what is my color? As in what is my favorite color to where + what is the color that seems to look best on me. If you ask me, I would say black black black + did I mention, black. Because I am a hairstylist I think I always gravitate towards the darker colors. This season I've been trying to be more "out of the box" and go with colors I normally wouldn't wear. So I started to think, why don't I make a post about colors to wear that look good on everyone for the holidays! {boom}

So here is goes, my top 5 favorite colors that look good with any skin tone, hair color or eye color.

1. Oh Holy, WHITE.

White is such a crisp, clean and classic color. It makes anyone look glowing and beautiful. I'm thinking thats the reason every bride looks divine on her wedding day! 

2. Rocking the RED.

Red is a color that I didn't think I could pull off. I would always see it on other people and think they looked awesome. So I finally decided to rock it + now its my new favorite color to wear!

3. SPARKLE is coming to town.

Ok, I know sparkle isn't technically a color, but I mean it needs to be! Its perfect for the holidays + it just adds that extra pop! to any outfit. Try it, you'll see! 

4. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. 

Green is another color I wasn't too sold on but like I said about red I tried it and fell in love. Its one of those colors that just makes you feel happy + in the holiday spirit!

 5. All I want for Christmas is BLUE.

Blue is a color that everyone likes but not every one wears unless its blue jeans. This year I've been pulling out all my blue colored things and falling for them all over again! Here are a couple outfits I love using the blue theme.

Thank you guys for reading! 

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