Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whats New Wednesday?

Hello Friends!
I am going to start posting a new post on Wednesdays called "Whats New Wednesday?"
Whether it be my favorite products I started using or what is going on in our family.

This Wednesday is just a "Hot Dog" kind of post to play catch up with you all! {Don't know if any of you got that joke but my math teacher used to always have hot dog days to catch up on all our work and I used to LOL every time he said it. I have stupid humor, I apologize!} 
But a lot has been going on over here and I just wanted to let you guys know. 

So all the testing came back for Jaxon and for my husband and I. 
Jax most definitely has Niemann-Pick Type A.
And my husband and I most definitely have the gene that gave it to him. 

Its kind of a bitter sweet thing for my husband and I because now at least we know so in the future when we decide to have another baby {or 3} we have options to consider and can guarantee that our future children do not have this horrible disease! But at the same time it stinks, a lot. Knowing that there is no chance that the doctors made a mistake the first time crushes us.

Everyday I learn something new. 
Something new about myself.
Something new about my husband.
And Jax always does something new everyday! 

Its been hard. There have been days where I cry on the bathroom floor or at dinner with my husband {lets not even discuss that, how embarassing} But there are other days that are SO good and SO full of joy they out weigh all the bad. 

Thats how God has been able to show me to keep trusting him in all this brokenness. That even when I could be crying I take one look at my son smiling up at me and wipe away the tears. I know that is the Holy Spirit. When the sun shines through my window and hits my cheek I take that as God's hand waking me up and saying, "You got this my girl, today is going to be a beautiful day." 

I think a lot of times we pray so hard for God to show up in our day when all we simply have to do is look at the sunset or our childs smile and he's there. Some days he's not going to be there in the "big" way you want him to. With my life he shows up. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, He shows up for me. I need that. I crave it. Whether I am aware of it or not he is always there. Always present. Always in a big way. 

Enjoy your day my sweet friends! 
xoxo tori.

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