Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Plaid Dress.

What I'm wearing:
DRESS: Anthropologie Similar Dress  // BAG: Louis Vuitton // SHOES: Ps I Adore You //

Hey friends!
Gosh, its been so long since I did an outfit post. I feel like fashion definitely has taken a back seat in my life the past two years but its always been something that I love. Right now I'm actually in the process of cleaning my closet (monkey with hands over eyes emoji). Eventually I'm going to get my closet redone and make it easier to organize but for now I'm going to have to tackle that mess! Haha. 

Life has really been tough for me these past three months. But I'm really trying my best to continue doing things that are life giving to me. Its so strange to get up, get dressed and function everyday but I promised Jax that I would. I know there are days when I am going to crawl under the covers and not brush my teeth or shower all day but thats ok (and believe me when I say that happens a lot). People will always comment on how "strong" I am but I'm really not. I'm cut from the same cloth as everyone else but Jaxon just changed me, to the core. He made me a better person, a stronger woman and a more appreciative mom. 

There is a lot going on in the next couple of months. Last weekend we were in Denver, Colorado (which was so amazing). We had the best time, even though we wished we could have been there longer but other than that it was so awesome. It was such a healing experience for both my husband and I. Being able to hug, talk to and just be near people who knew our exact pain because their children also passed away from Niemann-Pick Disease Type A. I definitely had an emotional hangover Monday morning but I was so happy we went. 

We have a couple more personal things coming up that I can't really speak on (maybe one day) but please send some good vibes and prayers our way. Halloween is going to suck, sorry not sorry. Just being honest. We loved getting Jax all dressed up and so seeing other families trick or treating is going to be so HARD! Thanksgiving, the first holiday without Jax & I'm feeling sick to my stomach thinking about that day and how much my heart and arms will ache for him. Then, for Christmas/our wedding anniversary we will be going to Hawaii which we are so beyond excited. We always promised Jax that Mark and I would take a trip just the two of us and explore Hawaii so we are keeping that promise too. We also really didn't want to be here this Christmas, feeling like it will be WAY too much  and emotionally exhausting for us. Not having Jax here physically is nothing short of the worst thing ever but we are trying. Thank you for all the continued support for us in this very difficult time.

Ok, onto this outfit. This flannel dress is such a perfect way to transition into fall. The weather in New England has been more like Summer than Fall lately so this dress was perfect for a lunch date with one of my friends the other day. These booties I purchased last year but I will find similar ones for you guys. I also am going to link cheaper versions of everything in my outfit posts for those of you on a budget or those of you who want to expand your wardrobe without spending a fortune! I hope you all enjoy your Thursday :)

xoxo, t. 

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