Monday, January 12, 2015

Longest + Scariest Weekend of my Life.

Good morning Beauties!

So if you all follow me on Instagram you know that my son Jaxon was admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning. He had been acting funny all day Friday, really lethargic + sleeping practically the whole day. Earlier on Friday morning we had gone to see Jaxons GI doctor at the hospital because he needed to receive an ultra sound to make sure his digestive track was working properly, since he wasn't gaining any weight or growing. 

While they did the ultra sound and an X-ray. both told the doctors that there was in fact nothing wrong with his digestive track but he did have an enlarged liver. What does that even mean? I was so confused and scared because your liver is a vital organ. 

They wanted to wait until Jax had his next appointment at the GI in two weeks to do any blood work to figure out about the liver. So we went home and the whole rest of the day like I said Jax just wasn't himself. He was super fussy and keep rubbing his head into my arm all day + would't let me put him down until he was asleep. 

Then at around 330 pm on Friday he started vomiting everything he was eating and for the rest of the night he couldn't even keep pedialyte down. I called his doctor at around 8 pm and they told me just to monitor him and if he got worse to call back. So we all fell asleep around 1130-12 in the morning and we had Jax right in between us in our bed just in case anything happened and about 1am Jax woke up out of a dead sleep vomiting again and when we went to go change him he didn't have a wet diaper. (I also had been feeling like something was wrong with him for a couple weeks now so if you feel that way moms USE YOUR MOMMY INSTINCTS!!! Don't ignore them.)

We then called his doctor back and she said to take him to the ER. We did and when we got there the doctor came in and immediately said we need to give him a catscan his head looks too big for a baby his size and the soft spot is hard and bulging. They explained to us the condition they thought he had which is called hydrocephalus {water on the brain}. 

I was so nervous but Jax handled all his tests like a champ. They explained that yes that is in deed what he had after they reviewed the tests. And a neurosurgeon came in to talk to us about the surgery they wanted us to have. 

I started sobbing immediately because I was partly relived that they found out what was wrong with him and partly because I was scared for my baby. No one wants to see anything bad happen to your child and surgery is like the LAST thing I would ever think. 

He still has to have another surgery and find out what is wrong with his liver but things are looking good. We caught it in time where the doctors are confident that there is no brain damage and he is doing great! Laughing and cooing to himself.  And smiling every time Mark and I talk to him.

I know we are so lucky we caught this in time and I am so happy we chose to bring him in that night/morning. He is the best thing in the world and I won't tell you how devastating this has all been because I bet you all can imagine. I don't let my mind go to the places I was because I know God is in control and as long as I have faith that he will guide the doctors to heal my son everything will be just fine. 

Thank you for everyone who has prayed + wished my son well. I can cry thinking about all of you who love my son and some of you have never even met him. It is so comforting to read all your comments and emails (and I do read every one)

As you guys can probably tell I will be taking a break from my blog on the fashion/outfit post stand point but I will come here to update you once we know more. Just continuing praying for my baby. He has his MRI today so please just pray that they can find out whats wrong with his liver and hopefully his fluid is draining properly. 

All my love!
xoxo tori. 

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