Thursday, December 14, 2017

Giving Back Holiday Gift Guide

So I know every one and their brother is doing a "holiday gift guide" on their blogs right now but I thought it would be cool to do a gift guide with gifts you can give back with. Here are a few of my favorite gifts for kids, adults and everyone in between. The best part is, every one of these gifts helps give back to some form of charity. This holiday season is not all about what we get but what we give to others! 

This may be my favorite gift I will share with you guys! This company is amazing and with each doll you purchase they give 10 meals to a child. Like its one of the nicest things I've ever heard about and we really don't think about going hungry unless you have been before. These dolls come in so many different options for boys and girls. Landree has Sadie the fox mostly because foxes remind us of Jax and also because how cute is she? I hope you'll give one to a child in your life this Christmas season. They come in two different size options for each doll, this is the bigger version and they have a smaller one as well if you want to give it as a baby shower gift. They also make fantastic Birthday gifts! 

Above is one of my close friends, Jenn (here is her Instagram if you want to follow along with her journey) who this past year found out her son has cancer and the courage her + her family have makes me certain her son will kick cancers butt! Her son Charlie (who is the cutest btw) was born the same week I had Jaxon so this hits so close to home for me. Her faith is incredible and if you're ever having a day where you need to be encouraged, this is your girl! 
Love your melon is a company who sells beanies (like the one she is wearing) and they wanted to put a beanie on every kid fighting cancer! 50% of the proceeds from your purchase go to fighting pediatric cancer. I bought one for my self this year(merry Christmas to me!) and I can't wait to get it! Such a good reason to buy a beanie but they also come in tons of different colors. This is the one that I got HERE.

I live in the smallest state in the US but since moving to Rhode Island I have found my true earthly home with my husband and my babies. I was so proud to get this shirt and represent it because each purchase helps raise money for multiple sclerosis research. In 2013, The MS society honored The Home T by giving them their Cause Marketing Partner of the Year award. Pretty incredible people and such an honor. This is such a cute gift idea for someone who lives in a different state as you or for you and your bestie to be twinning in. They have mens and womens shirts that come in crew neck like I'm wearing or v-neck. 

I'm definitely bias on this shop (it is run by my husband and I) but we give back to families every month that have a medically fragile child. When we were going through our journey with raising a medically fragile child we had so much help emotionally, finically and many other ways from people all around us. One specific foundation that helped us was "Go Shout Love" they are no longer in business at the moment but I will always remember what their kindness and generosity meant to me and my family and so I figured I would start a little shop and try to help some families around the country and give back. We make shirts and with every purchase we give 20% back to a medically sensitive kiddo and their family! Not only are the shirt super cute you but you can get matching ones with your kids. Whats better then that!? Click the title to be directed to the shop or you can click HERE

This is another company I adore. They are raising money for SMA which is the number one genetic killer of infants. Its a horrible disease that robs families of time with their precious babies. Every case is different but I have known too many families effected by this disease. if you can make a purchase of their cute apparel and help even one child its beyond worth it, I promise you! The owners actually have a daughter who passed away from this disease so they know first hand the tragedy it causes! The slogan is something we lived by in our house hold while battling Niemann Pick Disease and every time we wore our shirts we felt like we could conquer anything. Jax constantly wore his and its the perfect gift to give someone you know fighting something hard during the holidays and reminds them to "never give up"!!!

To make a difference in some of the world's most vulnerable communities, they partner with Artisan Businesses that share their passion for building a flourishing world. They develop these businesses through fair trade empowering them to grow sustainably and to create dignified jobs for people who need them. Helping support people in different countries who maybe don't have the same basic everyday things that we have or have the options to get good jobs. I heard about this organization through IF: gathering and have been obsessed ever since. I own a couple pieces and I always get compliments on them when I am wearing them. Above are the earrings I am in love with and match with so many things! I will put a link to them HERE

Hope these give you some good last min gift ideas for the holidays and you can feel good about your purchases because you know you are going back in the process. As always thanks for stopping by + happy giving sweet friends! 

xoxo, t. 

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