Monday, December 4, 2017

What only pictures show

I wanted to share these pretty holiday pictures in this blog post to kind of make a point: that just because someone is smiling/happy in a picture doesn't mean they aren't sad or dealing with the weight of some very hard things. I've learned through this journey of grief not to judge myself but most importantly not to judge others. You never know the hard battle someone is facing behind closed doors, no matter how pretty their pictures on Instagram are.

A couple months ago, I was like most of you scrolling through other people and bloggers Instagram feeds, looking at all these picture perfect curated squares thinking how in the world these people are so happy? How they get their kids to cooperate so well for pictures, how they always are so impeccably dressed and how everything in their life seems well, perfect!  

But then I started to think..what if someone was thinking the exact same thing about my life? What if they were struggling with fertility and saw my beautiful baby wondering when they would get theirs? What if they had a horrible fight with their husband and logged on and there was a square of the beautiful "shout out" I gave to my husband? And what if you just feel so insecure about your wardrobe and then there I am posting an #ootd of the new outfit I bought? 

My point is we never know what is going on behind these pictures. We snap the moment and then the next moment can be completely different. We all are just doing our best. Remember that, no one is perfect. The perfect "mom goals" girl you follow may be battling with postpartum depression or a financial strife or maybe even a marriage that is on the verge of divorce or an eating disorder. Don't compare yourself to anyone else but you.

Wake up every day and do YOUR best, find what makes you happy and ultimately create your own beautiful life. You can keep scrolling until your fingers go numb but you will never have their life, their love or their happiness. What is meant for you is for you, no one else. Post on social media because it makes you happy not because you feel like its what everyone else is doing.

Its so important for me to teach Landree to be confident and comfortable in her unique God given gifts. To always try and be the best version of herself and try her very best to be kind to people in all different walks of life because we never know what someone is facing day to day, pictures only show one part of the story. 

xoxo, t.

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